Food Truck

In 2022 we launched one of the coolest food trucks in town. From the crazy looks down to the minuscule details, we have thought about every single thing that would bring you comfort and satisfaction. Starting in local parks, making $80 a day, we have created a massive following and huge lines wherever we go. The food truck is a major part of our brand that stays with our partner Millennium Fandom Bar, where the finest in cosplay and food come together. Inside the bar, we have private kiosks, where you can remotely place your order and wait for your delicious meal while enjoying great drinks and atmosphere. We also use the truck for private catering events and music festivals around town. Follow us on our social media channels for more info.

We are at Millennium Fandom Bar from Wednesday through Saturday 7pm to 1am (900 S. Las Vegas Blvd).

Millennium Fandom Bar